Pretty Kitty Potty

Materials: Lack and Anno Stra screens

Description: I was looking for a way to provide kitty potty privacy and also take away from the “look, this is where my cat poops” decor of the living room of our condo.

So, I took two Lack tables, and one roll of Anno Stra window screens, as well as some sticky backed velcro.

1)Assemble the tables
2)Measure the screens to fit between two legs of the table and adhere with sticky velcro. I used velcro in case there was damage to the screens. (Who knows what kitties will like to scratch!)
3) Repeat to cover 3 or 4 frames, creating a tunnel beneath the tables for for the kitty litterbox and the mat that wipes their paws.

Easy as that! The cats, I believe, appreciate the privacy and it creates a new surface for coffee table books, our Aerogarden, or couch throw blankets.

If you litterbox doesn’t fit I thought about adding casters also to make it easier to pull in/out to clean the litter.


~ Fraser, Bethesda, MD