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Materials: STENSTORP kitchen island NOK 3.250,-, 4 wheels ca. NOK 1200,-, drill, hammer

Description: A couple of years ago I bought a STENSTORP kitchen island. Because we have little space, I wanted to have put wheels on it for more flexibility. We did the makeover this winter and it works so well!

My sister is a handy woman and did most of the work. I took pictures, and chopped of the legs, actually sawed them!

The item has shelves on one side (now called backside). On the reverse side there is an open space so you can use it as a bar, with stools (now called front side). The two parts are divided by a wall, which serves as the back of the shelves.

First we took the top of the kitchen island.

Then we sawed of the horizontal planks that are holding the front side legs. Then we shortened all legs.

We took the legs from the front side and fasten it to the vertical plank that is holding the wall.

Then we took horizontal planks and fasten it under the legs, and fasten the wheels in them.

In the end we put the top back on!!!

Voila! And good luck!

~ hildeovedia, Oslo, Norway