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Recycling bin solution

This is Glyn’s second, which I think is just brilliant. Compared to his, my Effektiv cabinet with custom drawers recycling corner looks ghastly. Glyn’s does take a lot of space but oh-what-joy to sort and hide the recyclables beautifully.

He says, “In Germany it is required to recycle. You basically need a bin for everything: glass, paper, batteries, plastic and metal packaging, organic waste and the rest of household waste. As you can imagine, for all those bins alone you need to come up with an idea if you don’t want them to dominate your kitchen. Since we only rent an apartment we don’t have much choice of where to put all that stuff. So we’ve come up with the idea of having a recycling cupboard dedicated to the biggest bins.

We took a Akurum cupboard with Applad doors and handles to match our Ikea kitchen. Put the worktop on which is also used in the kitchen and cut two round holes in it. We sealed and glued the inside cut with edging strip which came with the work top. As lids we used some wooden food plates which Ikea sold in the summer and added Ikea door knobs. In order for the lids not to fall through we cut the holes in the Akurum top about 2 cm smaller than the one in the worktop.

And voila! Our recycling cupboard was done.”