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Moving magazines?
Here an idea from Kyle to ensure that your nicely sorted magazines do not end up a sheep pile when moving. Also great to keep them dust free.

He says, “Moving magazine that you’ve already organized into files (Kassett, for example) is not very rewarding. You can’t just throw the magazine files into the moving truck and if you take the magazines out and into a box you still have to find a place for the files. To solve this problem I took the inexpensive and ugly Flyt magazine files (2.99 for five) and put them upside down in my Kassett magazine files. They fit tight and neatly without any tape (although I used some for extra insurance).”

Spice up the Flyt
Nicole cover the Flyt magazine files with wrapping paper and Mod Podge.

See her tutorial of the Flyt cover up.

Flower power for the Kassett
Katie gave the plain white Kassett magazine files a little love. Each flower handpainted with acrylic paint.

See more of Katie’s personalised magazine file.