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Jennifer and Sean does a lovely makeover of their home office using mainly IKEA items. I love that it has lots of storage, well balanced and though it has a mix of different IKEA shelving units, they play together nicely. I wish I had so much space (and oh my, all that storage) for my home office.

IKEA home office makeover with L shaped-desk

They write, “We started off with a very boring and bland 8×10 room with an off-center window and rad to contend with. What we ended up with was a functional and stylish office space for two 🙂

Here’s what we worked with for our IKEA Home Office Make Over:

– 2 EXPEDIT bookcases
– 4 EXPEDIT drawer inserts
– 4 EXPEDIT door inserts
– 2 MIKAEL drawer units
– 1 BENNO CD tower
– 8 NUMERAR 4 3/8″ legs
– 1 GALANT leg
– 2 NUMERAR countertops in aluminum/white (96″ long and 73″ long)
– GUNVOR fabric

To maximize the desk space in the small room, we wanted to have an L-shaped desk configuration. Wall mounted bookshelves would provide the storage we needed while not using up the valuable floor space. After a bit of research, we found that using 2 Expedit bookcases (one mounted on the wall, one sitting on the countertop) would fit our needs. The IKEA sales guy wasn’t entirely sure if the Expedit was suitable for wall mounting, but we figured by using extra wall brackets and strapping underneath, we would be okay.

before IKEA home office makeover

First, we installed some wood strapping to provide support for both the countertop and the wall mounted bookcase. A little hack on the Expedit bookcase was next: we measured out the studs on the wall and installed 4 wall brackets underneath the top frame of the bookcase so they would hit the studs. Then we lifted the bookcase so it sat on the strapping and screwed the wall brackets into the studs.


Storage for IKEA home office makeover

Next, we assembled the two Mikael file cabinets and put them on Numerar legs instead of castors. One of the Numerar countertops was then installed, attaching it to the strapping and sitting it on the Mikael cabinets which formed the support leg at the other end. The second bookcase was then put in place sitting on the countertop, over the file cabinets.

Storage units for our newly madeover IKEA home office

This side of the room was a little heavy, so we cut down the Benno CD tower and used it as a support leg at the other end of the L-shape. The second Numerar countertop was then put on top and attached to the strapping. Ikea has a $2 aluminum transition strip which we used to cover the seam between the two countertops. At this joint, we installed a Galant leg under the countertop for extra support.

Also, since the CD tower had a shallower depth than the countertop, we found an Expedit piece in the “As Is” section and butted it up to the tower to make it look deeper.

Home office setup with IKEA furnishings

A few final touches – sewing curtains from Gunvor fabric, using some Ikea picture frames and magazine files, and throwing down an existing Ikea area rug – and the room was finished. It took a bit of work but now we love working in our new space.”

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