simone and bubo to win eggshell blue sofa slipcover?

another cat and owner needing a new slipcover! which is why i only keep fish.

simone says: “Well, I’m sure the first thing you notice about the slipcover in the picture is that… there is none.

I found a cat (he of the glowing eyes in the picture) in the garage of my apartment building. He was meowing pitifully, obviously starving, and filthy dirty. As I tried coaxing him into a cat carrier to take him home, someone from my building walked by. She recognized the cat as her neighbors’ and went upstairs to tell them I’d found their cat. She came back minutes later to tell me that they knew it was out there; they’d let it out because they didn’t want it any more.

sofa slipcoverI was determined to catch the cat and give him a good home. It took a week of sitting in the garage in the evenings, feeding him, and eventually petting him before I could get him in the cat carrier and bring him up to my apartment. When I got him home, I cleaned him up, fed him, and named him Bubo (short for Bubonic — his fur color and his condition made him seem like the Black Death when I found him!). He was a good cat… until he had an accident or two on the couch.

sofa slipcoverI took the stained cover off my Ektorp sofa and washed it to get the stains and smell out. I risked tumble-drying it because there’s no way for me to line dry the entire cover in my apartment with no balcony or yard. And unfortunately… it disintegrated. The lining of the cover for the body of the couch fell apart, causing the cover to pull away from the sofa and crumple onto the floor next to it. The smell wouldn’t come out of the cushion covers, either. I ended up tossing the entire cover.

sofa slipcoverI took Bubo to the vet and got him fixed. Since then, he’s been a model cat citizen. But his surgery cost so much that I couldn’t afford to replace the couch cover. I put a blanket over it (as you can see). It’s been working out all right so far, and the smell in the cushions has gone away.

This contest is the perfect opportunity to get my living room looking good again. I picked the Bolster Stripe Eggshell Blue pattern because the beige will lighten up the room, the blue will match the rug (also from IKEA!), and the black stripes will help disguise any kitty fur Bubo sheds while snuggling up with me.”

bemz eggshell blue sofa slipcover

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