A Minimalistic Workstation that doesn’t max out your budget

James, inspired by the very droolworthy Milk Desk, went hacking to create a white and minimalistic work and music station. I love how the desk rolls away to reveal the keyboard.

Milk desk inspired Minimalistic Workstation DIY

The IKEA items used:
VIKA ARTUR legs (x2) — $60
Queen size MALM headboard(x1) — $10 in the as-is
LACK shelf (x1) — $25

Other misc:
Wall shelf metal tracking, 48″ (x2)
Casters (x4)
Pipe insulation (to dampen the rolling sound)

It involved lots of dremeling work. The end result more than made up for it.

Total cost: ~ $130
Cost of Milk Desk: $4700

James sent in assembly instructions. See them here.