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forum updates

this should be fun!

we’ve all heard (or personally experienced) ikea’s quality or lack of it, so i started a new watercooler thread for us to share our first ikea. let us know what was your first ikea purchase and how it is holding up, if it still is. i’ve posted my first ikea. click here to post yours.

jmat also started the ikea tales thread. if you have interesting, funny, bizzare or heartwarming experiences at the blue & yellow mothership, do share it with us.



elsewhere at the forums, lots of folks needing ideas and advice. do you have any experience …
> mounting stolmen poles to the wall?
> staining the magiker a shade darker?
> lowering a tromso loft bed?
> raising the height or reducing the width of the oppli tv bench?
> decoupaging fabric on a lack side table?

or if you have …
> ideas for a fabric cutting table?
> a fiona apron for sale?

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we’re up to 178 registered users. yay! here’s how you can join us ikea hackers.
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see you there!