vote for the genius ikea hack

submissions for the contest has ended. thanks, peeps, for your entries. we have 6 really fun ideas and i’m loving them. i hope that they will be realised some time.

  1. tay’s super shelf which is a suped up billy shelf with secret panels.
  2. bj’s emmabo rocking chair with premiar wall art. definitely fresh and funky.
  3. guisy’s ikea meldal mini greenhouse which is great for the balcony.
  4. tini’s skubb monster kite which will eat up the sky.
  5. winnie’s rapunzel fairy tale bookcase. a dream come true for any little girl.
  6. randall’s charlotte perriands lack shelving unit – designer furniture without the price tag.

hop on over to the forums to cast your vote for your favourite genius ikea hack. your votes will decide who gets into the finals and win the prizes from arash and kelly. click here to vote. voting ends 18 march.