and the winners are …

votes have been cast and the judges have chosen their favourites.

armand‘s picks:

1st – lack shelving in the style of charlotte perriands.
witty, stylish, cheap.

2nd – ikea meldal greenhouse.
anything green get my GO signal.

3rd – ikea skubb monster kite.
what would the world be without whimsy?

arash and kelly‘s picks:

1st – tini because the transformation comes ‘alive’ and a great game for kids and dogs. the most imaginative of all we thought

2nd – randall for the Charlotte shelving.
most stylish idea

3rd – giusy’s greenhouse.
a great new line for ikea

my picks:

1st – tini’s skubb kite.
most creative use of an ikea item. taking it totally out of its usual parameters.

2nd – randall’s shelving.
a touch of class for the lack shelving unit

3rd – winnie’s rapunzel bookcase.
i think it’s such fun.

popular vote

1st – randall’s shelving with 77% votes

2nd – winnie’s rapunzel bookcase & tini’s skubb kite (tied at 11% each)

after tabulating the scores … i’m proud to announce that we have the winners of the genius ikea hack contest.

first prize goes to randall kramer for the lack shelving in the style of charlotte perriands.


tini’s skubb monster kite takes second prize.

ikeachildhood (Medium)

and coming in third is guisy’s meldal greenhouse.


congrats winners! your geniuspad, compliments of arash and kelly, will be enroute to you soon.

thank you everyone who sent in an entry or voted in the polls. it’s been fun! if you have ideas for a new contest, do let me know.

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