the genius ikea hack contest

contest logo buttoni’m so happy to announce ikeahacker’s first contest in collaboration with the good folks at arash and kelly. woo! can you tell that i’m excited?

best thing is, you don’t need to have scored an ikea hack to take part. just your ideas, your brainchild, juice, the eureka! i’m sure that’s wonderful for all you “some day” people who may have an ikea hack idea brewing but never got round to actually doing it. now is the time to put it down on paper and win some goodies in the process.

here’s how it goes.

    1. pick ANY one or more ikea item(s) you would like to hack.
    2. on a piece of paper (no larger than A4) draw/scheme out your genius of a hack idea. please remember to identify the ikea item(s) hacked. (sample below) just go crazy. get creative.


  • scan and email your drawing to ikeahacker [at] gmail [dot] com. please write “genius hack” in your subject line. in your email, also include your full name and address, should we be sending the pressies to you.
  • entries will be posted on ikeahacker and open for votes. your votes will determine which hack gets into the finals.
  • our panel of judges will then pick the top 3 winners from the finalists.


easy. so, what’s to win?

these amazing genius pads! giant sized (approx 12″x12″) sticky presentation pads for big ideas. great for brainstorming, planning, doodling and keeping all your important telephone numbers on one page.

Genius_Pad_Angle_300_memphi1st prize:
300-sheet genius pad2nd prize:
150-sheet genius pad3rd prize:
80-sheet genius pad

and finally, introducing the judges:

  • armand of positive fanatics, ikea’s unofficial web journal. he is an artist and aspiring photo documentarist based in illinois, usa. armand also runs, the world’s premier fan site for moleskine notebooks.
  • arash and kelly of well, arash and kelly. they are designers based in west london, uk, and creators of cool stuff such as the genius pad and big clip.
  • lastly, me! not much to say in this department except that i live 15 minutes away from ikea. ­čÖé

hacks will be judged on creativity, good use of the ikea item(s) and originality. so, blow us away.

get cracking. submissions and voting ends march 11th.