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Published on December 15th, 2006 | by Jules Yap


last minute gift guide

i admit it. i usually do my last-minute-i-m-out-of-ideas shopping at ikea. where possible, i’ll add in a simple personal touch so that i won’t appear so utterly “thoughtless”. here are some items i was thinking of for the last dash before the ho ho holiday season.


1. fantasi barnslig $7.99

i like the fun looking animals. i may decorate the frames too, if i have the time.

2. bastis hook $1.99 each
4 of these cute hooks for the quirky friends i know.

3. motorp cd storage box $4.99
help a music fan organise his/her cds.

4. trollfjorden toiletries bag $4.99
one of the most useful things i ever bought. my frequent traveller friend will appreciate this gift. will also stuff in a luxurious body lotion for a nice surprise.

5. isig lantern $14.99
eucalyptus – that’s her favourite scent. so, a scented candle block goes in with this.



6. lykta table lamp $12.99

siren red lamp for a friend who could use a dash of colour.

7. statist decoration tree $3.99
some thing that i probably will never buy for myself (because i am too practical for my own good) but makes a great accessory stand for my diva friend.

8. hanna pillow case $6.99
tie a fancy bow over the cushion and add a handwritten tag for instant sweetness.

9. hanna blomma cushion cover $4.99
stuff into the pillowcase a sachet of scented potpourri for a heartwarming touch.


10. skimmer candleholder $9.99

classy gift for a classy lady. glass is in.

11. ovation vase $12.99
love the black and the smooth finish. great addition to aunt z’s collection.

12. myken table mirror $9.99
i always feel pretty and girly when i look into this mirror. it must be magic.

13. vurm 4-bottle wine rack $9.99
include a fine bottle of red, if you don’t want to look cheapskate like me.




14. groggy ice crusher $12.99

bring the party kit. a few whirls and voila, you have margaritas.

15. falang vase $6.99
simple and understated. a posey or christmas berries to complete the gift.

16. glansa candelabra $9.99
just right for the season.

17. greppa spice mill $9.99
include a sachet of spices with the gift for a personal touch.

18. tripp tin $2.99
fill this with your favourite tea, coffee or cookies and give them away.

for more ideas, view ikea’s online holiday brochure.
happy shopping!

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  1. beccajo says:

    One of my favorite last-minute gift ideas is to stack the scented tea lights and package them in a roll to look like a christmas cracker, then include a tea light holder to match. Cute, cheap, and who can't use more tealights?

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