ding3000 pimps the billy bookcase

got billy?

i think almost everyone i know has one or two units of ikea’s billy bookcases. so it is no surprise that ding3000 decides to pimp up the world’s no. 1 shelving unit. 35 million units of this ubiquitous furniture is already sold worldwide and counting.

the billy wilder shelf is meant to be a playful interim storage place for unsorted books, magazines and newspapers. the haphazardly growing shelves supposedly makes billy ‘wilder’. i must say i like it a lot. sure beats ikea’s boring square shelf inserts and almost makes billy “designer-ish”. heh.

the other pimp is the billy heidenreich – a rack with a lectern. if my memory serves me right, ikea used to offer something similar, no?

to purchase these billy add-ons, go here.
thanks erika, for the lead.