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After days sweating over an ikea hack, you deserve your moment of glory here. But before you rush off to post a hack, please understand the following.
Your hack description
Please provide adequate explanation on how your hack is achieved. Be concise. Be clear. Be you. Provide step by step instructions because someone out there may want to recreate your hack. And yes, what you write may be edited for content and clarity.
At least 1 photo is required and must be in .jpeg, .png or .gif format. I love seeing step-by-steps photos, so if you have those, please add them. Photos should be AT LEAST 700 PIXELS WIDE (height does not matter) BUT no larger than 320KB. You can resize your pictures here.
This is the only but most important requirement. The hack MUST involve at least one Ikea item hacked.
If you didn't hack it but came across an interesting one, just follow the same submission steps and add a link to the original post.
Hacker help questions
Use this same form. Please submit photos of the "problem".
What happens after you click "Submit"
Your post is sent to my "Draft" folder. I check out your hack if everything is in place, will post it within 10 working days. If it does not appear within 10 days, uh-oh, read the following.
Why your hack may not appear on Ikeahacker
Not all hacks that come through here will make the cut. That is just the way it is. The most common reasons are:
  1. Bad photo or no photo.
  2. No Ikea item hacked. Other furniture/hardware store items may be in the mix but the Ikea item must be modified or repurposed from its original intent.
  3. Incomprehensible description.
  4. The hacking is too minor/insignificant.
  5. It's an "any-other-furniture-store" hack.
  6. Promotion. No promotion of any products, stores, websites, press releases, spam. Please.
  7. More of the same. Eg. If I get 5 play kitchens in a row, not all will get posted. Probably just the one that brings something new or different to the table.
  8. "Borderline" hack. Hacky, yet not quite, such as:
    • Cut fabrics. Cutting fabric and making it into a skirt, dress, pillow case etc. Fabric is meant to be cut and made into something else, plus we've seen a lot of this already.
    • Repainting. We've also seen a lot of repainting (solely) before. Eg. painting over a white cabinet with red paint (matte, hi-gloss, whatever).

My point is to keep things fresh, new and inspiring.

Ready to hack?

Email us at submissions.ikeahackers (at) gmail (dot) com with the following details:

Your name (will be published)

Your email (will not be published)

Title of your Hack (give it a nice title)

IKEA items used: List of IKEA items used in your hack

Description of your Hack: A step by step explanation of how you achieved your hack. Submissions without descriptions will be deleted.

Attach photos: Photo quality is IMPORTANT. Make sure photos are in focus, well-lit & show your hack in the best possible way. Photos should be at the minimum 1000px WIDE. Height does not matter.

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