ikea storage box with ribbon weave

mini chests with ribbon weave

Published on November 7th, 2006 | by Jules IKEAHacker

hustlerose posted this ikea fira mini chests with a unique ribbon weave on craftster. not my style but i like it that it takes a completely different route from other fira hacks i’ve seen so far... Read More


ikea mira chest barbie

barbie box

Published on November 6th, 2006 | by Jules IKEAHacker

i’m one of those little girls who never had a barbie in her life. not that i wanted one anyways. back then, i hated everything pink and frilly. i’d rather play with tanks, soldiers, cars and... Read More


ikea mosaic table

make mine a mosaic table

Published on November 3rd, 2006 | by Jules IKEAHacker

you’ll love this one. when i first saw this i almost squealed in delight. such a lovely idea and executed with such painstaking love too. thanks to zieak, who tipped me on this mosaic table by... Read More


skugga wall lamp.0

how to add your own images to the skugga lamp

Published on November 2nd, 2006 | by Jules IKEAHacker

as promised, another lamp hack from zieak’s list. the idea of having changeable images for a lamp has always fascinated me and there has been more than one occasion that i’ve stared longingly at the ikea... Read More



little umbrellas, big light

Published on November 1st, 2006 | by Jules IKEAHacker

another lamp hack from zieak’s craftster list. this one’s from lil jammer and it makes you wanna order a mai tai. drink umbrella lamp looks great when it’s off  or on! there are 2 ways to... Read More


ikea gusle lamp

fabulous nudie postage stamp lamp

Published on October 31st, 2006 | by Jules IKEAHacker

one of the best things about running this site is that i get mail from some really nice people. zieak, whose cam creature i featured some time ago, sent me a precious list of hacks trawled... Read More


billy wilder1.0

ding3000 pimps the billy bookcase

Published on October 28th, 2006 | by Jules IKEAHacker

got billy? i think almost everyone i know has one or two units of ikea’s billy bookcases. so it is no surprise that ding3000 decides to pimp up the world’s no. 1 shelving unit. 35 million... Read More


coke bottle lamp2

coke bottle lamp

Published on October 26th, 2006 | by Jules IKEAHacker

hi! am back from my break. which flew by just too quickly. don’t holidays always feel that way? anyways, here’s a new one from klaus. i like the retro/vintage feel of this coke bottle lamp and... Read More


and so i’m off for some sun

Published on October 21st, 2006 | by Jules IKEAHacker

hello peepsi’m on vacation from today till next weds. will be basking and sipping margaritas on a lazy stretch of tropical beach. i promised myself no blogging no hacking, at least, for a bit. back on... Read More

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