BILLY bookcases with GRYTNÄS glass doors

Published on August 21st, 2015 | by IH guest

Materials: - BILLY bookcase, white, 80x28x106 cm - GRYTNÄS glass door, off-white, 40×100 cm - UTRUSTA hinge We were looking for mid-height bookcases with glass doors for our living room, at a reasonable price. The 80&#... Read More


371. 02-08-2015

LÖNSET Pallet Bed

Published on August 20th, 2015 | by IH guest

Materials: 2x LÖNSET Slatted bed base 90×200 1. Mount 4 pallets together 2. Attach 2 beams on each side of the palletframe with long screws 3. Attach 2 beams 4. Build the bed bases 5. Screw... Read More


baby gym2

Under the Rainbow Baby Gym

Published on August 18th, 2015 | by IH guest

Materials: LEKA Birch Baby Gym Keight tones down the LEKA baby gym from its loud primary colors and what she terms, “snake spiral-hypnosis artwork”. She goes for the more natural look, without “spinning spiral snakes ready... Read More



IKEA KURA Minecraft decor bed hack

Published on August 17th, 2015 | by IH guest

Materials: KURA bed x 2 I took two KURA beds, screwed then together, and cut the upper one down so it wouldn’t be close to the ceiling lights, then clad it in minecraft painted plywood. The... Read More


ikea rad bench

What to do with an old radiator? Sit on it

Published on August 17th, 2015 | by Crafty Al

I recently started work renovating the hallway in my house. Most things were easy enough to rip out and replace but I was initially pretty stumped as to what to do with the radiator, as it... Read More



Back to College? Study these 6 IKEA styleboards

Published on August 15th, 2015 | by Jules Yap

When I saw these styleboards on, my thoughts zipped back to my campus days. College was awesome in many ways, but the decor was definitely not one of them. Lots of beech veneer and beige... Read More

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