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Published on November 1st, 2017 | by katmack


Hackers Help: Stacking 2×2 Kallax with countertop to make a storage/desk area

Let me apologise in advance for my terrible photo to showcase my question.  Nothing is probably to size and the “countertop” doesn’t go all the way across because of the woman in the chair.  But I’m wondering if I could stack two 2×2 KALLAX units with a countertop in between and then use a 3rd KALLAX to make the base of the “desk” at the other end.

But I wasn’t sure if the countertop would sit properly and not raise up on the other end – or otherwise be unstable.  I need the extra storage but still want a desk area. This will be on a wall that is about 95″ across.

If anyone has any input on this – I would so appreciate it!

Stacking 2x2 Kallax with countertop to make a storage/desk area


Hi Katmack

I don’t foresee any issues. If you use a good quality countertop it shouldn’t rise on the other end. If it does, you can always keep it down with two L brackets under the table top secured to the side of the 3rd KALLAX.

~ Jules

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  1. Li says:

    If your counter top is deeper, you can either use an L bracket to secure to the wall or just get a couple of legs to support the sides closer to the wall. Since it’s 95″ long,you might want to use at least 3 legs

  2. KCourtney says:

    I’m sitting at a desk right now very much like the one you describe. I have 2 bottom Kallax and an Ikea long table top. I have turned my Kallax so their short edge is perpendicular to the long edge of the desk. I don’t have an additional Kallax on top, but it wouldn’t be a problem. My table top is more than heavy enough to accommodate one and I imagine any countertop you’d buy would be a similiar if not greater weight.

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