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Published on November 1st, 2017 | by Contributor


Hackers Help: How to paint this Norden Gateleg table?

Bought the NORDEN gateleg table years ago and now want a colour change. I’m a newbie so below are some questions at the top of my mind:


Ikea Item:
Norden Gateleg Table in Birch

- does it require sanding?
- what type of primer is best?
- what type of paint is best?
- brush or roller or both?
- what type of finishing should be used?

Any other tips are welcome too!

~ by Veronica

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2 Responses to Hackers Help: How to paint this Norden Gateleg table?

  1. John says:

    There’s an option in-between a full sanding or stripping, and doing nothing. And Ayisha’s right, if you want your paint job to last (and look good) you need prepare the surface first. Take a look at this writeup on liquid sander/deglosser vs. sanding or stripping.

    Chalk paint is forgiving, looks great, and is easy to touch-up, which is good because it won’t wear as well on a work surface as a semigloss, eggshell or glossy paint would. The rest – which primer, how to apply, how to finish, will depend on what you choose for paint. I’d suggest visiting a quality paint store (Sherwin Williams, Hirschfields, etc. in the USA) and discuss with them. Generally, rollers will let you get a thinner, even coat but may leave more texture behind than a thicker coat with a brush. Off course, light sanding between coats to knock the ridges will help this.

    If you stripped/sanded, you could also opt for a stain rather than a paint, then you have many more options, but careful preparation and sanding will be crucial to get nice results in the end. Good luck and have fun! Worst case, you just paint it again!!!

  2. Brian says:

    Best advice is to take one of the drawers and a picture to a local paint only store and show them what you are doing and they’ll be happy to walk you through exactly what to do and set you up. The paint will be a bit more expensive, but you only need a small amount, and for a table top that gets used, you want good quality paint that is harder than what you typically get at the local hardware or home improvement store.

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