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Professional looking FJELLSE upholstered bed hack

Olivia of Minty Fresh Projects shares her latest hack for her little girl’s room — a FJELLSE bed turned into a upholstered bed. It looks decidedly more inviting than the barebones FJELLSE.

IKEA item used:

  • FJELLSE bed



I looked to Emmerson & Fifteenth and Cuckoo 4 Design for inspiration.

I do not have very detailed instructions on how I did this hack since it’s already very detailed in the referenced blogs and all over the internet. I used Kravet Perfect Plains for the material and I used these upholstery nails.

The details that I will dish about are…

I found that I didn’t need the nail spacer or the upholstery hammer that was recommended on Cuckoo 4 Design.

Professional looking FJELLSE upholstered bed hack

Professional looking FJELLSE upholstered bed hack

After much trial and error, I was able to get the best results with a normal hammer.

I then found out after many pulled nails that you can simply knock the nail head to align it once it’s already hammered in. I could have used sooooo many less nails had I known that!

I wish I would have spaced the nail further apart, but it still looks great!

Professional looking FJELLSE upholstered bed hack

The legs are not perfect but you don’t notice it at all (unless you get down and take a picture of it!). I just used some teak oil on them since I had it sitting around. Do that days before you start adding fabric!

Cuckoo 4 Design was awesome detailing how to get the edge of the headboard looking super sharp and professional using Dritz upholstery tack strip.

Love the results and it’s perfect to finish out the room!

Professional looking FJELLSE upholstered bed hack

See the complete tutorial for the FJELLSE upholstered bed.

See Olivia’s other project on IKEAhackers: the gold MASKROS.

~ by Olivia of Minty Fresh Projects

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