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XL chest of drawers: One BIG MALM Dresser

Our goal was to take two dressers and make them look like one, big dresser. On hindsight, it would have been better if the dressers were the same finish (the brown one had a fake wood texture) but it ended up fine.

XL chest of drawers: One BIG MALM Dresser

IKEA Items:

  • (1) 3-Drawer MALM Dresser
  • (1) 6-Drawer MALM Dresser

Other materials used:

  • Butcher Block or Birch Ply Wood
  • Copper Bar pulls


Using IKEA-painting suggestions from hackers, we painted the:
> drawer faces (front and back)
> the front of the dresser (take the bottom trim piece off, but leave the L-brackets)
> a 1x6x8 board (to use as the new bottom trim)

With the drawers removed, we screwed the two dressers together, and put them on 4×6′s to raise the entire dresser. Attach the dressers to the 4×6′s with L-brackets. (4×6′s were probably a little excessive for this, but we have some left over from another project…and free is always good!)

We bought silver bar pulls on Amazon ($50 for 10 pulls) and spray painted them Copper Rose. To attach, we made a template out of butcher paper that we would put on each drawer face.

XL chest of drawers: One BIG MALM Dresser

Then stain, urethane topcoat and attach the wood wrap on the top and sides. We wanted the top to go the entire length, so we cut the sides short enough to go under the top. (A mitered edge would look really good here too!) We used wood glue and screws on the side (screw from inside the dresser so you don’t see them) and just screws on the top. Hopefully if/when we move we will be able to disassemble it.

XL chest of drawers: One BIG MALM Dresser

Then, we attached the 1×6 to the L-brackets from the bottom trim. It helps make it look like one, big dresser!

XL chest of drawers: One BIG MALM Dresser

Finally, put the drawers in… I know these pictures already had the drawers in, but wait until your dresser is in the room to make it easier to carry!

XL chest of drawers: One BIG MALM Dresser

XL chest of drawers: One BIG MALM Dresser

​~ by Stacy

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