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Cheap tropical chic wooden stool or side table

We needed a stool for our new desk and I really didn’t want a boring one, so I made this tropical one.


IKEA Frosta wooden stool




I traced the seat on a piece of paper and drew the pattern from an image on my computer.

wood burning on the Frosta stool

Put the piece of paper on a window and traced it on the back with a soft black pencil.

Put the piece of paper on the chair with the right side up and re-traced it. This made the soft black pencil stick to the wood. There are much easier ways to transfer the pattern but this is all I had at hand :)

IKEA Frosta wooden stool with tropical chic wooden-stool-tropical-chic-5

Used a wood burning tool to carve the pattern into the wood (this took a long time because I have a very cheap wood burner but it makes it look a lot better).

Lightly sanded the seat and used a black permanent marker with a thin tip to fill in where the color wasn’t even.

IKEA Frosta wooden stool with tropical chic

I then carefully painted with acrylics and let it dry for a couple of hours.

Mounted the legs on a piece of wood, sanded out any imperfections and painted them with the green paint in 2 coats.

IKEA Frosta wooden legs

I used the clear coat and painted just the top of the seat(not the sides or back) with 5-6 coats.

When everything was nice and dry, I put it all together and took some pictures :)

IKEA Frosta wooden stool with tropical chic

IKEA Frosta wooden stool with tropical chic

The chair could be just painted but the wood burning makes it stand out. It’s a lot of work but it’s sure worth it.

So this it, I hope you’ll like it!

IKEA Frosta wooden stool with tropical chic

~ by Alina Tomescu

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