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TAAC!!! The making of an IKEA room divider

IKEA room divider with STUVA and OSB board

IKEA items used: n°2 Stuva closets + n°1 Nordli bed/ n°1 IKEA complete Kitchen

We designed this custom hack for a small loft in the historical district of Florence.

The loft is about 26 square meters (280 sq. ft). In order to save space we created a central core. It has a nook for the dining table, flanked by STUVA closets on both sides. It functions as bedboard and bedside table next to the queen bed. It works elegantly as a room divider splitting living and sleeping area, without hemming either in.

To create the core, we used OSB (Oriented Strand Board, a cheap & chic material) to make a boxed structure and the dining table. From this, we joined together all the other elements. See the diagram below for how it all came together.

[click to enlarge]

As you can see through our structure, this layout allows you to have a single TV screen you can view either from the living or the sleeping area.

room divider IKEA STUVA

room divider IKEA STUVA

We completed our design by exposing some old brick work in order to create a nice contrast between our IKEA hack and the historical environment.

brick work

exposed brick work

You can customise this hack by changing the type of the wood and finding other ways to link with the different elements.

OSB room divider

custom room divider

wardrobe room divider

room partition

IKEA Room divider for a small studio

IKEA Room partition for a small studio

IKEA Room divider for a small studio

To complete the studio, we added in an IKEA kitchen. It’s small but it has everything the residents need to cook a meal.

IKEA Room divider for a small studio

kitchen for a small studio

kitchen for a small studio

kitchen for a small studio


I hope you enjoyed our work!

~ by Eutropia Architettura

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4 Responses to TAAC!!! The making of an IKEA room divider

  1. Aarsun Woods says:

    Mindblowing idea!!! Great post!!

  2. Diana says:

    Nice Idea but I too would have chosen another material than the OBS, I would also have chosen a bed sofa because if you have guests over more than one then your guests would have to sit on your bed which is a bit weird. with a bed sofa and a little table you could have a tiny sitting room and in the evening change it to bedroom or go with one of those loft beds then you have storage underneath as square meter is so tiny….

  3. Cristian says:

    Excellent ideea, love the particle board table and the glass on top. Didn’t kone that such a small cabinet for the kitchen are available, i mean the left litle guy at the bottom.
    Anyway great use of that small space.

  4. Stella says:

    For a bedroomkitchen it is pretty well done. But the table seems too short and OBS is not chic but looks poorly. I wonder if the residents have things like clothes, shoes, winter boots, winter quilts, Guess 26 square meters is too small for an apartment.

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