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Published on July 19th, 2017 | by Contributor


Hackers Help: Countertop thickness for DOMSJÖ sink


I am looking at fitting a DOMSJÖ sink in to a 30mm bench top. The instructions say it has to be 38mm or 1.5 inch benchtop.

Can any one tell me why this is? Will I just have to cut the doors down ?

Hack me out please.

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2 Responses to Hackers Help: Countertop thickness for DOMSJÖ sink

  1. Jules Yap Jules Yap says:

    Posting on behalf of Valerie: My countertop is 1 3/16 thick. I have a 7/16 gap between top of doors and bottom of sink which you never see. See photos attached.


  2. Hendrik says:

    you need a 38mm countertop, otherwise the METOD Front doesnt fit. Same es faktum !
    If you use domsjö for your metod Kirchen, you need a 40 cm and 20 cm drawerfront. And the 10 cm front is fixed to the cabinet.

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