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Floor protector for balcony privacy

balcony privacy screen IKEA hack

The KOLON floor protector (EUR 14.99, 100 cm x 120 cm) is a multi-tasker in our apartment. Not only do we use one under our desk, but we have one to protect the floor when entering the apartment.

KOLON floor protector

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials for a balcony privacy screen:

  • IKEA KOLON floor protector
  • Metal wire
  • Hole punch

We then needed a panel to hang on to our wire balcony divider, which would let the light in and at the same time give privacy both for us and our neighbour. I tried the floor protector on the balcony divider and Bingo: it fitted perfectly as it was!

All I had to do was to use the paper punch and punch 8 holes: three each on the narrower top and bottom and one on each side. Then I attached the panel onto the divider by hand using pieces of metal wire.

balcony privacy screen IKEA hack

We have plants at the bottom to cover the rest of the wire wall, but could also have cut another panel to use at the bottom.

~ by Alli from Vienna, Austria

More balcony privacy screen ideas

Transform the IKEA SOCKER plant stand into a balcony privacy plant screen which offers a shield from prying eyes and space to hang up a few pots of greens.

Or if you don’t have an existing balcony divider, use the ÄPPLARÖ bench and wall panels to make a freestanding trellis. And just place it where you need it. You’ll also have space in the bench to store your gardening tools too. Win-win!

FJÄLL-BOring turned rustic with wooden pallet top
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  1. Eric R_o_M says:

    How did you punch the holes? A paper punch would have to be VERY stout to do that.

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