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Published on March 1st, 2017 | by Contributor


Hackers Help: How to recreate this?

Hi everyone

Was hoping you could help me figure out what pieces I would need to re-create this:


~ E M4

The Incredible Collapsing Office: Hinged, Space-saving Linnmon/Alex Desk
Blanda Bowl Lampshade

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4 Responses to Hackers Help: How to recreate this?

  1. eddro says:

    If you peep just to the left of the gold vase, theres a break in the upright column. My guess is there is a shorter shelving system stacked above a larger one. Perhaps stacking the shorter VITTSJÖ atop the larger VITTSJÖ unit would be a nobel attempt at this hack. Good Luck!

  2. EM4 says:

    It may be the Vittsjo shelf bracket but what about the actual shelves – they have holes.
    I prefer the metal shelf

  3. Justynn says:

    without knowing the dimensions you want it’s hard to give you an idea of how to do it, but it looks like you could use Vittsjo shelves (i’ve used them myself, with plywood shelves), and replace the glass with metal mesh that they use for covering heat vents and such (found at your local hardware store). You would need to reinforce them thought if you planned on actually using the shelves. Maybe by leaving the glass in place and the creating a metal overlay to get the pattern

  4. me says:

    Why don’t you specify what you like exactly.
    Ikea has a lot of *wooden* shelves – will that do. They can be painted black.
    Or do you want only metal ?
    Remember that wooden shelves can be easily adjusted by cutting and don’t need special tools.

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