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Published on January 6th, 2017 | by Contributor


Hackers Help: How to wall mount an IKEA Expedit 5×1?

Hi everybody,

I’ve been looking everywhere on the website, and apart from finding some hacks involving the 2×4 and even 5×5 Expedit shelves, I couldn’t find anything about mounting a 5×1 Expedit shelf on a wall. I understand the problem is not so much the weight of the shelf that the fact that it kind of disassembles itself because of the lack of friction. But I couldn’t find out if that problem also involves the 5×1, which is very different (the wooden studs, for example, are much longer, and there are eight for each wood panel, instead of only 4 like all the other Expedit shelves).

In all the hacks, I saw either some long L shaped metal brackets were involved to support it from below, either some kind of long piece of wood screwed to the wall with the Expedit sitting on it. What it does to help with the Expedit disassembling under its own weight because of the lack of friction, this still escapes me, but why not.

Anyway, neither of these solutions seem that great for me because the Expedit(s) will be in my living room, above my sofa. Also, they won’t be holding a lot of weight, they will be there mainly as a decoration element, and of course I will put a bunch of stuff in them, but we are not talking books or anything heavy. Mainly little things.

My idea was to use the biggest flat shaped L brackets I can find for the top Expedit shelf, secure them to the wall, place the shelf on top of them, screw the shelves to the wall with the wall mounting brackets Ikea is giving with the shelves.

Then, I’ll put the two little cubes underneath, so that I can “hide” the ugly L shaped brackets. The little cubes will be fixed to the wall in the regular way, with the Ikea mounting brackets.

And here comes the one that is causing trouble: the last Expedit 5×1 shelf will be right underneath the two cubes. But I can’t really use large and ugly L shaped brackets again. What do I do? Would smaller brackets be enough? By saying small, I’m still talking about something that would be 10cm long on each side. I included a schematic. Sorry, no picture.


This “hack” is a “might be WIP”, if it’s doable. At the moment, I have one little cube. I’m trying to get the two 5×1 shelves and a second cube. They are hard to find. I will find them, for sure, but I want to make sure the hack is doable before spending hours looking for the shelves.

So, to sum it up, my main questions: 5×1 Expedit shelf mounted on a wall, is it as big a risk as a 4×2 considering the assembly is really different? Would two medium size brackets be enough on top of the regular wall mounting brackets to support it if it’s not holding a lot of weight?

I have drywalls, but I also have the right fixations for it. My kitchen elements still haven’t fallen down, and they are a lot heavier than the Expedit shelf. Each fixation can hold up to 35kg in a 13mm drywall, my drywalls are 15mm, so a bit more sturdy. Not as good as brick walls, of course, but modern flat, modern walls :/

Thanks a lot for your input!


Driftwood stained RAST for the Scandinavian farmhouse feel
DRAGET+RAST= Tall Storage Display Unit

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16 Responses to Hackers Help: How to wall mount an IKEA Expedit 5×1?

  1. Mark Ed says:

    Whenever you’re mounting anything heavy on a wall, make sure you screw into a stud, don’t just rely on the drywall.

    It might also be worth considering inverted brackets on the bottom inside of the shelves, bolted through with large washers. The more fixing points to the wall, the better.

    Also, if you’re concerned about the units disassembling, you could put small right angle brackets on the inside edges between base and sides. And if you’re worried about screwing into the veneer and the chipboard underneath, squirt some wood glue into the pilot hole before you screw in – it’ll be a really solid join then when it dries.

    • Vanessa says:

      Thanks! I know the position of the first stud, so I was planning on at least trying to screw two brackets into studs.
      I didn’t mention glue, but of course I was planning to use wood glue on the wooden bits for the assembly, at least. Small brackets are a good idea too.

  2. Clément CLARISSE says:

    Hi Vanessa, maybe with a 4×40 mm screw with a fastener in the wall behind each join u can hang it.

    Typically, in a drywall, this fastening can hold around 15 – 20lbs (7,5 – 10kg).

    So if u install 24 (i’ve counted the number of joints) u should have enough hanging points to hang it safely.

    • Vanessa says:

      I was planning on using expansion dowels (chevilles Molly, for the French speaking among you) The ones I have can hold 35-40kg is a regular drywall (13mm), mine is 15mm, so we can look at a 45kg hold for each. That’s what I used for mounting the kitchen cabinets.
      It’s never good to drill too many holes into a drywall because it can alter the solidity of the structure.

  3. Elmer Starchuk says:

    Glue the Expedit shelves, then they won’t disassemble

  4. Giada says:

    Use suspension rails and dowels instead of brackets (such as method or algot rails)

    • Vanessa says:

      Problem is screwing the metal brackets into the Expedit (and suspension rail, on a living room wall, behind an expedit… errrhh. ugly)

  5. Dmitri Kara Dmitri Kara says:

    Hey Vanessa, I think even with the smaller brackets it should totally support the weight, unless you’re planning a triple screent/tv installation. As long as you have a sturdy mount, you should be okay, cheers.

  6. Chris says:

    Yes – all you need are french cleats. You can get them on Amazon and they’re very inexpensive, and low profile. I made my own from 1×4 wood with my table saw to hang my 5×1 Expedit on a wall, but I’ve used the metal ones on amazon to hang other large, heavy pieces. Here are a couple examples:



    • Vanessa says:

      I never heard of anything like that, thanks! I’ll look into it! But how would you screw that into the Expedit shelf?

  7. eClipse says:

    I would suggest color-matched painted angle steel along the bottom edges at all levels, screwed into studs. Rest the shelves into the 90 and make sure the brackets are small enough on the hidden edge to stay hidden.
    You could do the same along the top edge inside the boxes to give it tip / pull down stability.

    Make sure to attached the angles to the boxes from the bottmo with counter-sunk screws.

    • Vanessa says:

      That was my idea, badly explained ^^ One thing I was worried about (If we are talking about the same thing) : the angle brackets (the ones I called the L shaped brackets) are actually meant to support weight coming from both sides of it. Like both are pushing on it from the outside. I was wondering about how it would react with weight pushing from the inside. Maybe they aren’t designed to work that way, with the expedit pushing down on it.
      I was considering having the two “outside” brackets facing upward and the expedit sitting on it like in my drawing, and maybe the ones hidden by the small cubes facing downward like they are designed to do.
      I still have the problem of the ugliness of the brackets on the bottom shelf if they are not facing upward.
      I was planning on spraying them white, but I actually found a shop who sells some white plastic coated ones, heavy duty, made for roof construction or something. I might go and have a look this week.

  8. Jan says:

    Expedit is now called Kallax, and it has different sizes than the one you mentioned. Not sure why you would think they come apart when hanged. They have 8 screws on the outer cover and screws on every shelf, which seems quite sturdy.

    • Vanessa says:

      Yes, I’m aware. They do come apart, that’s why you shouldn’t hang them “as is” and people have been trying hacks to be able to do it anyway. And as Kallax doesn’t come in the sizes I want, I’m looking for second hand Expedit shelves. Although, Kallax shelves are way less sturdy and lighter than the Expedit shelves, the center piece and the little shelves weight less, it might be easier to hang them. Worth considering for those who want to hand a 2×8. I want a 5×1 and a 1×1, which don’t exist anymore, hence the Expedit collection.

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