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Published on December 29th, 2016 | by Ik3atime


Hackers Help: Stain color for Hemnes?


Photo: IKEA.com

So I’ve got a black-brown HEMNES bed and a coffee table.

On the table I’ve noticed a nick, and on the end of the HEMNES bed, there are a few very light scratches. On one of the scratches its almost as if the lacquer has just been nicked because it still looks dark underneath.

I’m just wondering what stain to use. I’m not sure how they achieve the colour.  There was a suggestion on one site online that the wood itself is stained a chocolate brown and then a black lacquer applied. Not sure how true this is. I’m based in the UK so if there are any stains and lacquers anyone could recommend  I would be grateful. Thanks

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3 Responses to Hackers Help: Stain color for Hemnes?

  1. Dmitri Kara Dmitri Kara says:

    +1 for using a marker.
    You would be surprised the number times I’ve put one to use, of course if you have something tiny to deal with, otherwise get a can of behandla, it’s only five quids. cheers

  2. Fi says:

    I’ve also found a couple of coats of their black Behandla stain work great, it’s the same brown-black and goes similarly shiny when layered. I would wipe a very small amount of it into the scratches and it should mask them really well.

  3. Amanda Z says:

    IKEA used to sell extra cans of their stains – BEHANDLA

    Also, for touch ups, a black permanent marker works great.

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