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Published on December 21st, 2016 | by woom


Hackers Help: How many lumens does VÄXER LED cultivation light have?

VÄXER LED cultivation light

Hi hackers,

Does anyone know how many lumens does VÄXER LED cultivation light have?

~ Woom

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6 Responses to Hackers Help: How many lumens does VÄXER LED cultivation light have?

  1. Ceriel says:

    The 46.5cm long Växer (L1519 a.k.a. 703.231.10) lists 15X0.9W 16W of LED power. Where 15 times 0.9 watt = 13,5 watts DC. Before the AC to DC conversion that results in a AC power draw of 16.0 watts.

    The 31.5cm Växer (903.231.09) will contain 9 (3 times 3: 2 white and 1 red LED per opening) LED’s of 0.9W = 8.1 watts DC or 10 watts AC.

  2. Hi woom,
    I wrote to IKEA UK support in this case and they answered: “PPFD refers to the amount of light your plants get per second and is measured in μmol/m²/s. This lamp provides an average of 100 μmol/m²/s.”

    Recently i found some new information o UK IKEA site. Now there are informations, that the smaller cultivation lamp set has 550 lm, and the bigger has 900 lm. I wrote an article on this topic on my site. Its in polish, byt you can use google translate.

    I hope it would be useful for You.

    • woom says:

      Hi Kamil,

      Thanks a lot for that info! I feel kind of proud I guessed almost correctly :)
      So, for the record – it’s 550lm @ 10W / 900lm @ 16W.
      Would be nice to know the light spectrum, but I understand it’s a commercial grade appliance for amateurs.

      Nie muszę używać google translate :)
      Some good ideas on the website – it could be a fairly popular resource if it was in english – I think it’s worth a try.

  3. woom says:

    Assuming it’s as efficient as LEDARE that would be about ~800lm, suitable for 0.06m^2 of plants.
    Not the best bang for buck. But it can as well be a different type of LED’s and produce twice as much light, so I’m guessing here. IKEA should put that parameter in description :)

  4. Agoston says:

    According to the dutch website of IKEA, it’s 10W of led power:


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