Wardrobes IKEA STEFAN chair dressboy hack

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Chair-in-wall dressboy hack

IKEA STEFAN Chair dressboy hack

The following IKEA hack is useful in your bedroom(s) and makes your messy (small) bedroom space liveable again. No more clothes on the floor but tidy in a corner, hanging over a chair. Most people can’t fit a chair in the bedroom, so back in 2011 I solved this by cutting an IKEA chair in half.

Yes, I’ve waited 5 years to put it on IKEA hackers after I phoned Ikea on the idea.. (to-do lists for the win!)

Step 1
Buy yourself a cheap wooden STEFAN IKEA chair (19,95 euro)
But of course any other IKEA wooden chair would work.

Step 2
Take a saw and cut off half of the seating. Leaving +/- 15cm..
Also cut off the small beams on the bottom side at the same length.


Step 3
From the sawn off piece, there is a horizontal beam just underneath the seating. The one, which you normally screw into. It’s the wooden beam I used to fasten the chair to the wall later on. Take that piece.


Step 4
Drill two holes in that beam.

Step 5
With 2 nails on each side, attach the beam (which you just drilled holes in), underneath the (sawn-off) seating.

Nails on the sides

Now you’re ready to attach it to your wall however you want that.

IKEA STEFAN Chair dressboy hack

~ by Eelco, The Netherlands

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2 Responses to Chair-in-wall dressboy hack

  1. Stella says:

    Nearly, it was on the vote list for 2010
    http://www.ikeahackers.net/2010/11/bedroom-dress-boys.html, by GVM, inspired by a design from Laphoeff (re) usables

  2. Stella says:

    Wasn’t it once the hack of the year?

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