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Published on November 1st, 2016 | by Contributor


How to quiet the IKEA Rusch Clock

Is the ticking of the IKEA RUSCH Clock driving you up the wall? Here’s how to hush it.


Remove the cover using a flat head screw driver. Look carefully at where the cover fits into the clock base. A little pressure in the right places and it will pop off easily.

Now – simply remove the second hand. That’s it!

The second hand is creating most of the noise and the clock will work perfectly without it!

I also wanted to deal with the boring plastic. I used an inexpensive acrylic paint and brushed on two coats to the inside of the clock frame, letting the paint dry between applications. Voila!


Here’s the link to the full tutorial.

~ by Renee

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2 Responses to How to quiet the IKEA Rusch Clock

  1. F Saunders says:


    I can now put the clock back in my ensuite bathroom. It was keeping me up at night. I thought I had insomnia till I realised it was the clock waking me up.

    Getting rid of the second hand will also make it a lot easier to read without glasses on (the reason I bought one in the first place).

    Again, my thanks!

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