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Published on November 23rd, 2016 | by Contributor


Hackers Help: Can I easily shorten the KOMPLEMENT drawer runners?

Komplement drawer

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I’m planning to retrofit an existing wardrobe with Komplement drawers. Unfortunately the cavity is only 53cm deep, so the drawers for the 58cm Pax do not look like they will fit – or will they, ie. does someone have the exact drawer dimensions?

It seems such a waste of space to only use the drawers for the 35er bodies…

I am happy to embark on a shortening exercise of the drawers – which for the body of the drawer should not be a problem. However, will I be able to shorten the sliders/gliders easily or will this be a major hassle?

Thoughts anyone?

Many thanks


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4 Responses to Hackers Help: Can I easily shorten the KOMPLEMENT drawer runners?

  1. keith bosson says:

    I want to do a similar project in shortening pax wardrobes from 60 cm deep to 50 cm deep. The runners for drawers and pull out shelves are the problem as they are different to other sliders that IKEA do. The best idea I can find is a pair of BESTA runners 37cm long. It means that you will have to drill a hole in the drawer base for the upstanding spigot to go into that goes as near to the front of the drawer as possible. I bet you have done the alteration or you have done another workaround by now so let me know what you did.

  2. Deb W. Coast says:

    I’ve never heard of shortening a glider. You’d have to purchase a new size – available online and affordable. Search “drawer SLIDES.”

    I think it’s much easier/probably cheaper to make your own drawers. Wood supply retailers everywhere sell plywood drawer SIDES (don’t want to confuse anybody). They have a 1/4″ (or metric equiv.) groove for the drawer bottom plywood.

    I got a cheap pocket-hole (-cutter) jig that makes easy 90° joints in wood requiring only screws. This way I can customise a drawer to my specific needs each time. More sanity IMO.

    Best of luck.

  3. Aline says:

    The komplement are 56cm deep, as are the sliding rails. I don’t think it will be easy at all to shorten them. :/

  4. Franzy says:

    Maybe you can use the drawers from STUVA?
    Or at least the sliders / side parts. They have a depth of 50cm, so there would be a gap of only 3cm..

    Good luck!

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