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Published on November 4th, 2016 | by Jules Yap


Gottgora lantern to electric lamp



All you need is a small sized GOTTGORA lantern, mains wire with an in line switch attached, an E27 socket, a lamp and 5 mins of your time…


All you got to do is drill a 10mm hole in the middle of the bottom part.

Fix the socket using a 10mm x 20mm rod, and 10mm nut and a star washer, pass the cable through the hole, connect it to the socket, and that’s it!

Now just fit an Edison bulb.


Your lamp is ready!

~ by Stamatis Kokosis

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3 Responses to Gottgora lantern to electric lamp

  1. Gareth Wilson says:

    Or, buy a big pack of mains powered LED fairy lights from Ikea, stuff em all in, and run the flex out the back. The multicoloured LED’s look great :)

  2. j says:

    Not sure this is legal in the UK, my understanding, not as a qualified electrician is that the case needs to be earthed if metal, looking at the flex this is only a 2 core flex, but I do like it.

    • Jim says:

      Hmmm… in the UK this may count as double insulated. You have the insulation of the cable itself plus the secondary insulation of the clear plastic insert the the cable runs through. If you are unhappy then buy a brass lampholder that should come with an earth tag attached. Then you would have to use three core cable – live, neutral and earth. You would prob have to use a switched lamp socket as I’m not sure if you can get in line switches that will accommodate an earth wire as well. And remember that this will only need a three amp fuse if you have a fused plug like we do in the UK.

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