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Leksvik toddler tractor bed

My Ikea hack is a tractor bed I made for my 2 year old son. The base is a Leksvik extendable bed (not in Ikea collection anymore) I bought for 20€.

Leksvik toddler tractor bed

At first I sawed the knobs off. Then I sanded and painted the bed parts. I cut the roof, hood and sides from thick plywood sheets with a figure saw, then sanded and painted them. The window frames were cut from 2″ by 2″ board to support the roof.

All the parts were painted and sanded several times. The plywood parts were rounded with green duct tape.

All the parts were fixed together with screws. The wheels were cut with a figure saw of MDF, sanded and painted. At the end I finished the plywood seams with green duct tape and added LED lights and old car light covers.

An exhaust pipe, a driving wheel, a mattress, bedclothes and linens are to be added as soon as the paintwork has dried.

~ by Marja from Finland

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