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KALLAX Robotics/ Maker Space Table

KALLAX Robotics/ Maker space table for elementary school

Materials: 2 Kallax 2×2 shelf units and 2 Kallax 2×4 shelf units

My Son (who is 15 years old) was working on his Eagle Scout Service Project. His Project entailed building a table for the robotics team and Maker Space at the local elementary school. They wanted a table that would have plenty of storage for the crafting materials needed for the Maker Space.

He assembled the 4 Kallax shelf units putting the 2×2 units as end caps and the 2×4 units running the length of the table. He then assembled a 2×4 frame for the table top and added plywood sheeting, finally adding a border of 1×6 planks around the perimeter of the table top.

Maker space table-1

He then attached the table top to the Kallax base using the enclosed wall anchor brackets. Seams in the tabletop were filled and the table top was painted white to match the Kallax Base

Maker space table

The rest of the room is also full of IKEA desk, tables, seating and bins to create a wonderful workspace for this elementary school.

~ by Stefanie Geoghegan

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  1. Bailey says:

    Oh he did a fantastic job!!

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