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Published on October 25th, 2016 | by taratronic


Ekby Valter brackets as legs for a chest

I am so pleased with this hack! I was looking for legs for this G-Plan style chest of drawers which had been part of a Ladderax-type system.

I decided to use some Ekby Valter shelf brackets that I had spare.

ekby valter brackets painted

Simply fill the screw holes on the down post that you would use to attach the bracket to the wall. Sand and paint however you like.

Attach to chest

Attach the legs using the screw holes that would usually hold the shelf in place. Place them so that the unit will balance.


They also look cool from the side.


Et voilà!

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6 Responses to Ekby Valter brackets as legs for a chest

  1. It’s nice but the color is triggering me. It should be naked colored.

  2. Muyserin says:

    Whoa, what ever happened to “be appreciative of other people’s efforts and willingness to share”? It might not be your taste, but there are certainly more polite and even friendlier ways to express disagreement.

  3. Lulu says:

    That looks horrible….. sorry …. but why would you do that to a beautiful mid century peice

  4. Arno Nühm says:

    That poor, poor chest, disfigured by those white things. Couldn’t you at least match the stain?

  5. Lindsey Hill says:

    It is looking nice. But it is really tough to take care of your wooden furniture. But I like the design.

  6. lowell says:

    Thats just not a good look for a mid century chest or any chest whatsoever

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