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Built-in Pax wardrobe and nightstand

Materials: 2 PAX wardrobe frames (100 cm width), 1 PAX wardrobe frame (50 cm width) – with VIKEDAL mirror doors. The PAX frames were 236 cm high. 1 NORDLI dresser (40 cm width), 1 mdf board (40 cm width) and 1 construction timber.

Pax wardrobe

We started by installing the Pax frames and the Nordli dresser. They where placed directly on the floor and attached to the wall behind. A mdf board was cut and fitted/attached on top of the Nordli dresser (and the wall behind). The construction timber was placed on top of it all and drilled/attached with screws from below.

Pax wardrobe

Some filler, wallpaper and paint made a smooth finish to the wall. Cornice were glued to the construction timber and to the roof.

Built-in PAX wardrobe with drawer nightstand

The result – The Vikedal mirror doors made this small bedroom feel much larger.

Built-in PAX wardrobe with drawer nightstand

Because there was not enough space for an ordinary nightstand, one of the drawers in the Nordli dresser was made into a draw-out nightstand. The “liftable” lid was made of the rest of the mdf-board.

~ by Cecilie Utnes Hansen

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2 Responses to Built-in Pax wardrobe and nightstand

  1. JG says:

    When did you buy the NORDLI in single width?

    Love the built in look, but only see larger (wider) ones on Ikea’s website.

  2. Kate says:

    I think your “draw-out nightstand” is quite clever; well done.

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