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Built-in Pax wardrobe and nightstand

Materials: 2 PAX wardrobe frames (100 cm width), 1 PAX wardrobe frame (50 cm width) – with VIKEDAL mirror doors. The PAX frames were 236 cm high. 1 NORDLI dresser (40 cm width), 1 mdf board (40 cm width) and 1 construction timber.

Pax wardrobe

We started by installing the Pax frames and the Nordli dresser. They where placed directly on the floor and attached to the wall behind. A mdf board was cut and fitted/attached on top of the Nordli dresser (and the wall behind). The construction timber was placed on top of it all and drilled/attached with screws from below.

Pax wardrobe

Some filler, wallpaper and paint made a smooth finish to the wall. Cornice were glued to the construction timber and to the roof.

Built-in PAX wardrobe with drawer nightstand

The result – The Vikedal mirror doors made this small bedroom feel much larger.

Built-in PAX wardrobe with drawer nightstand

Because there was not enough space for an ordinary nightstand, one of the drawers in the Nordli dresser was made into a draw-out nightstand. The “liftable” lid was made of the rest of the mdf-board.

~ by Cecilie Utnes Hansen

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3 Responses to Built-in Pax wardrobe and nightstand

  1. MarkSomosa says:


    I love what you did with this wardrobe!

    I am remodeling a house and want to use PAX systems for my closets, however, I want to finish the PAX closets so they have a built-in look. Since I am planning on putting in the PAX units after the contractor completes his work, I was planning on giving him dimensions for the closets that added an additional inch to each of the sides and top (beyond the actual dimensions of the PAX unit) so he can create spaces out of drywall/sheetrock to the dimensions I specify. I would then plan on installing the PAX units in the space, and using trim pieces to bridge the gap on the sides and top, securing the trim to the drywall and having it abut the edges of the PAX unit.

    Would this work? Do you have any suggestions on a better way to do this or potential problems that I need to be aware of? Thanks.

  2. JG says:

    When did you buy the NORDLI in single width?

    Love the built in look, but only see larger (wider) ones on Ikea’s website.

  3. Kate says:

    I think your “draw-out nightstand” is quite clever; well done.

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