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Published on August 31st, 2016 | by Willisbe30


Hackers Help: How to lengthen an IVAR Shelf?

I would like to use IVAR shelving to build a pantry around my fridge much like this:


Photo: IKEA.com

The problem is that my fridge is wider than the widest shelves by about 3 inches. I had thought about cutting two shelves and then putting them together with dowels and metal brackets, but I wonder if you all have any other ideas. Cheers!

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4 Responses to Hackers Help: How to lengthen an IVAR Shelf?

  1. Tripp Knightly says:

    I wouldn’t be TOO dismissive of mending two shelves together. If what those shelves will store is not too heavy and/or you use strong steel plating bar (not just any old mending brackets) it could work fine. At some point it becomes an academic challenge and you might be better off (effort & cost) just fashioning longer notched shelves from lumber as described above. Doing that, you still might need to join narrower boards together using biscuits and glue.

  2. pondscum says:

    Don’t try to assemble two IVAR shelves for this — the joint won’t be strong enough to support anything on the shelf. Instead, buy some longer boards or shelves and notch the ends to fit the IVAR posts. Then you can mount the shelves on peg supports that fit into the holes in the IVAR posts. See here for an example of how I previously hacked some shelves to be shorter by cutting and mounting them in this way:


    If you are going to be using shelves longer than the standard IVAR ones, I’d recommend adding a stiffener to each shelf so they don’t sag, too.

  3. TJ says:

    For the love of… DON’T even think about that. You’re creating a weak point that’ll fail if you put any significant weight on it. Use a single board. You’ve got plenty of options, since this system is all just unfinished pine, just go tot he hardware/lumber store, get a couple of (better grade) pine boards in the size you need. If you’re careful you can even either drill notches on the underside for the board to rest on the ikea metal dowels (that hold up normal IVAR shelves by the plastic edge). Also, you could probably get a 12″ length of small steel bar (of same diameter of the dowels), and drill THROUGH the rear dowel mount, and then thread the bar through the back standard, into the front one, and secure it (with crazy glue?). Then you can rest the whole “alternate” board on those.

  4. Kaylin says:

    Those shelves look pretty simple – I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just go to the hardware store and buy the proper length boards to build the shelves to spec.

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