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Integrated, paneled kitchen appliances

This space was designed using the older line of cabinets, but the overall concept can be achieved with the new line of SEKTION cabinets.

When designing the wall of high cabinets for the pantry and refrigerator, I made note of the Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator design requirements – rough opening width, cleat sizing, water supply and electrical placements, etc.

We purchased a panel-ready 36″ Sub-Zero. We also picked up a retro-looking exhaust grill from a parts supplier to complete the MCM look we were going for. In order to fit panels to the refrigerator and freezer door, we bought a 36″ wide x 92″ tall cover panel from IKEA and used a table saw to rip the panel into three pieces – one for the refrigerator door, one for the freezer door, and one for the space above the refrigerator. Finished edges were placed in the most visible locations, the refrigerator and freezer handles concealed a couple of the cuts, and we used iron-on edge trim from IKEA to hide the remainder.

Integrated, paneled kitchen appliances using IKEA AKURUM

We also ripped down IKEA deco strips to frame in the refrigerator and the top panel on either side. Since we were working with a 37″ rough opening and a 36″ wide panel segment, I ripped down the width of the cover panel and flanked it in pieces of deco strip. I would have preferred too have a single piece span the entire width, but you have to play the cards you’re dealt.

Integrated, paneled kitchen appliances using IKEA AKURUM

Integrated, paneled kitchen appliances using IKEA AKURUM

We also panelized a third party Bosch dishwasher using the IKEA dishwasher panel hacked to accommodate the Bosch-specific mounting requirements.

Integrated, paneled kitchen appliances using IKEA AKURUM

Integrated, paneled kitchen appliances using IKEA AKURUM

And, finally, we hacked a base cabinet to accommodate a microwave drawer. I used a piece of the old-style kick panel to trim out above the microwave. This small panel is held on using 3M plastic click connectors (the plastic Velcro stuff) so that it can be removed for cleaning the microwave.

Integrated, paneled kitchen appliances using IKEA AKURUM

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  1. Yael says:

    This is amazing! Can you do this for my kitchen too??

  2. Nikki says:

    That’s sheer beauty right there.

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