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Published on June 29th, 2016 | by Jules Yap


Hackers Help: Pax to Narnia?

I am moving to a new apartment which has a door that will be rarely used right in the middle of one of the walls in the living room. I would like to hide it in a wall-to-wall closet like this.

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I always wanted to have a hidden room in the house and although the Billy-as-a-door hacks look really nice, gaming has shown me that you would see the tracks of the wheels after a while.

What I already have: 2 Billy’s and 2 Gnedby’s

I was thinking of using a Pax closet and leave out the back carton, but you always have that step on the bottom and I doubt it is supposed to be able to carry the weight of someone standing on it.


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4 Responses to Hackers Help: Pax to Narnia?

  1. etatoby says:

    I wouldn’t use Pax for this, at least not the hinged door type, because there is that big step at the bottom. If you leave it in place it looks ugly, you trip over it, and it probably wouldn’t carry the weight of a person. If you take it out, the door is left with a big gap on the bottom.

    You could use a sliding door Pax, as others have done. Place the wardrobe so that one of the two halves is centered on your doorway and don’t mount its bottom piece, as well as its back. (The other half can have all its parts and be used for storage.) You can mount the top piece and the top railing as usual, but you will need to cut the bottom railing so that it doesn’t go across the doorway. Fix the sides well to the wall, because without bottom and back they are going to be much less stable. The bottom railing is going to be a bit fiddly, you need to make sure the doors slide correctly even with half the railing. It can be done, look at other “walk-in Pax” hacks.

    Otherwise, I recommend just finding another model of furniture where the hinged door comes as close as possible to the floor, and mount it without the back and bottom pieces. I’m thinking of Besta, which is more modular and can be made to fit more room types. IIRC, it should have a tall module, much like a wardrobe. If you mount the entire piece of furniture without additional feet (just use the thin grey feet that come with the structure), the hinged doors should almost reach to the floor.

  2. Ivy says:

    We did somethibg like this in a corner. We mounyed a Paxdoor to the outside of a Pax cabinet. We had to attach a bit of Board to the cabinet with the width of the side of the Pax cabinet to allow the door to open and close correctly. On the other side we installed a magnetic thingy to keep the door from swinging open when it should be closed. Because our door had to open inwards we did not use Ikea hinges. Anyway, if you look closely you can see that the plint is missing. The door starts a few cms from the floor. Because of its placement in the corner it is barely noticable but you could add a fake one. This has the advantage that you van still roll things to your room and there is no threshold to trip over and it saves you a cupboard.

  3. Royster says:


    You could use one pax carcass, then the side from another. Bolt two sides together so you have the internal fixings on the in side. Then you are able to hang a single 2.3m door off one side. You could go further to use a neglect frame leaving out the base, or secure the base at floor level? On the opposite side, have another pax carcass for stability etc. Very do’able I think. Good luck!

  4. Judith says:

    I would attach the hinges for the door right to the shelf/cupboard on the left side, how it is in the picture. If you cannot hang the upper cabinets on the wall, you could have a board going across the shelves from left to right and have it that way above the door.

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