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Published on May 24th, 2016 | by zeus86


Lack Media Table

IKEA lack media table

The idea was to replace my old living room coffee table with something new and useful. The final solution I came up with is easy and works great.

I used a LACK coffee table and the LACK TV Bench, then I cut out the table top so that the lower plate of the LACK TV Bench fits in. I added some wooden corners beneath, so that the plate has something to sit on.

The centre of the LACK was hollowed

The top of the TV Bench with one of the sets of legs glued to it as spacer is mounted below the table, to create space for the power-cords and power supplies.

Cables run through the leg

The main power cable I have routed through one of the legs and added a PC-powercord-connector-jack to it which nicely fits into the leg. Finally I drilled some 60mm-holes into the center plate and added some cable gateways and a QI-charger for my phone.

LACK Media Table LACK Media Table

You can read about my project in detail on my blog. There are also more pictures and in a higher resolution available on my blog (in german).

IKEA items used:

  • 1x Lack Coffee Table (the biggest one)
  • 1x Lack TV-Bench

Other Items used:

  • 1x QI-Charger
  • 2x Cable Outlets
  • 1x Power Hub
  • Lots of (µ)USB-Cables, Notebook-Powersupply, 4xUSB-Powersupply
  • 1x Computer Power Connector Jack


  • Hacksaw
  • Power Drill
  • 60mm round cutout bit for the drill
  • something to measure
  • sandpaper to smoothen the edges of the cutout
  • some scrapwood

Overall Costs:

~ 100 euros (including qi-charger and power hub)


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2 Responses to Lack Media Table

  1. nx says:

    What happen if you drop some water on it ? Did you protect it from this ?

    • zeus86 zeus86 says:

      no, not really. the cable gateways and the qi-charger are sealed and held in place with some silicone, so due to the fact that they’re a bit higher than the desk, water wont come in from there, the only weak spot is where the plates meet. it is definately possible that moisture can suck in there, but if you realize this quick enought (which you usually do), this wont be a big deal i think. liquids have to crouch along several edges, before doing real damage. the extra space beneath the desk is open at the small ends, so water would just flow out of there again and hit the ground; and finally the jack-housing for the main power-plug in one of the legs does have a dedicated 2A fine-fuse. so all in all i’m well prepared overall…

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