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Published on March 8th, 2016 | by IH guest


RIBBA Picture Ledge to Figure 11 Nerf Target [Ver.2]

Materials required

Material used:

1) RIBBA (Black) Picture Ledge [IKEA]
2) Steel Hinges
3) Double Sided Tape
4) Magnetic Tape
5) Velcro Tape (Not Shown)
6) White Adhesive Art Board (Not Shown)
7) A4 Paper / Colour Printer / Laminator
8) Figure 11 & NERF JPEG Files


1) Mark out the picture ledge as you like depending on the number & the size of target you’ll like to have.


2) Secure the Steel Hinges with double sided tape before you screw them in.

(Note: 1) Use Steel NOT Stainless Steel Hinges, 2)Make sure you obtain the correct screw length so it won’t protrude the target base.

3) Print out your target on a normal A4 80gsm photocopy paper, send for lamination if you don’t have one at home, cut out as shown in the picture, trim the sharp corners.

Targets laminated

4) Cut the Velcro tape to size [usually comes in two sides], paste one side to the target and the other side to the hinge. (I didn’t use the Velcro tape on my Ver.1 target, hence it takes up space during storage)

Velcro to hold the targets

5) Now mount them together and you can start having fun with a mini NERF range at home.

RIBBA Picture Ledge to Figure 11 Nerf Target

RIBBA Picture Ledge to Figure 11 Nerf Target

RIBBA Picture Ledge to Figure 11 Nerf Target

~ Desmond Chia

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3 Responses to RIBBA Picture Ledge to Figure 11 Nerf Target [Ver.2]

  1. Fleder says:

    This is a great idea! I will build this for my own nerf guns, thank you!
    But where did you get those soda can targets? I could not find them in online shops.

  2. Acacia says:

    My nephew would love something like this after having a BIG nerf gun birthday party.

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