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Published on March 21st, 2016 | by IH guest


Laptop stand to 50′s retro coffee table

Greetings from Switzerland, where we also love IKEA hacking!

This is my latest deed:
50′s retro coffee table

Ikea item: Svartasen laptop stand

IKEA Svartasen laptop stand


Additional supplies: adhesive foil, passament (ornamental trimming, e.g. for furniture), silver spray paint, plastic primer spray, transparent glue, (blow-dryer)

1. Unscrew leg, cover areas not to be spray painted with masking tape. The bottom part of the leg is PE plastic, thus it’s advisable to pre-treat it with a plastic primer spray. Replace leg when color is dry.
2. Cut adhesive foil to shape of the table, allow 2-3 cm extra to fold over the sides. Start at one side, remove a bit of the paper backing and stick foil to table top, smoothing it as you go with sturdy cardboard or rubber spatula. As the table surface is slightly rough, it helps to use a blow-dryer to soften the foil around the table’s sides and make it stick better. Rub firmly around the table’s edge.
3. Glue passament around the edge of the table. Blow-dry to make glue dry faster.

I’m thinking about adding some small upholsterey nails (6mm) to the passament (one every 5 cm), to make the impression of “original furniture” more realistic. What do you think, should I?

Do you like my little 50′s coffee table?

retro coffee table

~ Beate Kittl

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One Response to Laptop stand to 50′s retro coffee table

  1. Alyssa says:

    This is cool, thanks for the inspiration! I just ordered two for my apartment.

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