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Published on March 30th, 2016 | by IH guest


LACK hacked into LED wall picture

My IKEA hack is about transforming an IKEA low priced LACK table into a LED wall picture.

LACK side table

LACK hacked into LED wall picture

I used the following materials:

- 1 IKEA Lack side table.
- Dremel multi tools.
- 1 LED stripe 2,5 mts. with a 12v. power supply
- Opaque acrylic
- Glue
- Stencil
- Aluminium kitchen foil

First cut a 45×45 cm square at the back of the table so you can work the interior. Take out all the filler paper of the table so it stays hollow.

At the front, make a drawing or a stencil of your choice.

stencil of drawing

use a dremel to cut out the image

add LED lights

With the Dremel use a cut pointer and start cutting the drawing.
Put some opaque plastic or acrylic inside, glue it on.
Put the LED light stripe inside all around the table.

LACK hacked into LED wall picture

LACK hacked into LED wall picture

LACK hacked into LED wall picture

LACK hacked into LED wall picture

In the 45×45 cm square you cut, glue some aluminium kitchen foil to make the LED light strong and bright as it provides a mirror effect.

Secure the back square at the back with screws or duct tape and just plug in the power supply and it’s ready.

Hope you like.

~ Joel Gonçalves

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One Response to LACK hacked into LED wall picture

  1. Mireia Mireia says:

    Wonderful idea and great execution. You’re an artist!

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