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Published on February 5th, 2016 | by SgTom


BESTÅ TV on fire

In our new house, we wanted a TV unit that could be used to store books/ children’s games and also hide media devices. Instead of buying a huge and expensive thing, we thought of IKEA hacking…


  • BESTÅ 60x40x192 cm : 1x
  • BESTÅ 60x40x38 cm : 1x
  • BESTÅ 120x40x38 cm : 4x
  • Some doors

We started to build a metal frame to support all units but also integrate all of them ‘into’ the finished wall.

frame for BESTÅ

Then, on the BESTÅ, we made the media elements accessible via cut outs in the appropriate places.

cutting the BESTÅ

We fixed all of them into the structure.

Fixing the BESTÅ components into the structure

Final result :

Done! Our BESTÅ TV and storage unit

Still need to put some doors (when the child will need less place ;) ), and some lighting either around the units or under the upper ones.

But this solution met our needs for ~500€…

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3 Responses to BESTÅ TV on fire

  1. Joe says:

    I like it very much but it’s not a real hack actually

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