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Published on January 4th, 2016 | by kopfprojekt


Turn a Vase into a copper bedside lamp

This is a simple IKEA Hack to turn a nice copper vase into a bedside lamp.

All you need are these things:

What you'll need

Drill 6 mm hole in Vase.

hack vase into copper bedside lamp

Fix the cable at the desired length with cable ties.

hack vase into copper bedside lamp

Squeeze bulb socket ca 3/4 in the vase opening.

hack vase into copper bedside lamp

See complete tutorial here.

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2 Responses to Turn a Vase into a copper bedside lamp

  1. Michael Cox says:

    NICE! Except [1] the IKEA Vase KONSTFORM is not available in the US; and [2] the complete tutorial is in German.

  2. tina says:

    This is DANGEROUS!

    Do NOT, NEVER EVER run a mains cable through a metal vase (or other container) without a cable grommet – see here:

    The cable will rub itself against the metal and over time can cause a short to the vase. Meaning: the vase will then be 230V or 110V live = LIFE THREATENING!
    Always use a grommet, they only cost a couple of cents. Be safe!

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