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Published on January 5th, 2016 | by dperstin


Mid century modern KALLAX with a walnut face

I just moved to a new condo and wanted a standout piece in my living room with a dramatic walnut face. But everything I liked was in the $4,000+ range! Inspired by other Kallax hacks I decided to make my own.

Here is the final product:

Mid Century Modern Kallax

 Materials used:

  • A white Kallax Shelving unit
  • 4 McCobb Mid Century Modern Feet 10″ tall from (unfinished) + Angle Top Plates
  • 1 sheet of walnut plywood form my local lumber supplier
  • Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus for the stain (I used the Pure color)
  • 2 drawer pulls from Home Depot
  • 4 Euro style door hinges
  • 2 cabinet magnetic catches from Home Depot

First thing I did was assemble the Kallax unit without the interior dividers and installed the walnut legs using the angle top plates:

Assemble the KALLAX

The next step was to located the walnut plywood. I’ve researched my area and every supplier only sold 8′x4′ sheets so I had to buy a whole sheet for $109. While at the lumber shop I had them cut out two doors from a continuos piece where I liked the wood grain:

Buying the plywood..

Buy the plywood

The two cut pieces for doors:

Cut plywood into doors for the KALLAX

I then installed the hinges and made sure that the doors worked. I had the doors cut a bit larger so it took some shaving off of the edges and sanding so that the doors can function. It is important to shave off any extra area from the OUTSIDE edges. This will prevent from ruining the continuation of the wood grain between the two doors.

Doors installed:

Attach the doors

Now it’s time to stain.  I took off the two doors and the four legs and stained them with Pure Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus which leaves a nice finish without that fake shine. You should stain the backside first just to make sure you like the finish.

Here is one door stained and one before staining:

Stain the doors

And the final Piece!

Mid Century Modern Kallax with walnut face

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10 Responses to Mid century modern KALLAX with a walnut face

  1. Christopher Lands says:

    How strong is this with the legs on it? Can they bear the weight of the unit (with console electronics inside) and a TV on top?

  2. Stephon Harris says:

    Where exactly do you place your magnetic catches?

    • dperstin dperstin says:

      They are in the middle of the cabinet where the doors meet. I’ve found that I only needed the top ones as the doors remain shut.

  3. Joan Blair says:

    Looks great! What kind of wood did you choose for the legs? You decided not to use the wooden cleats?

  4. pondscum says:

    Looks awesome, but…. those interior dividers are actually important to the structural integrity of the Kallax, and by removing them you’ve compromised its rigidity and weight-bearing capacity. It also looks like you attached the legs to the hollow part of the Kallax shell instead of to the reinforced sections where the dividers would go, which again compromises their weight-bearing capacity.

    • Reda says:

      this Ikea thing is meant to be put Horizontally or Vertically… I do not think “the interior dividers are actually important to the structural integrity of the Kallax, and by removing them you’ve compromised its rigidity and weight-bearing capacity”, don t you think?

      Good Job to Hacking the Kallax Dperstin

  5. Alek Davis Alek Davis says:

    Great idea. And well done.

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