Children Ikea-kids toy storage and reading corner

Published on January 27th, 2016 | by IH guest


Teddy Cubby and Reading Corner

Kids toy storage and reading corner

Ikea item used :

Kallax 4 x 2 cube and Ikea Spice Racks

Assemble 4 x 2 Kallax and lay flat. Go to hardware store and purchase 6mm MDF (they cut it to my measurements) Fill with desired kids toys. Place wood on top, quilt for padding and throw rug tucking in edges. Paint spice racks desired colour and have handy hubby hang them. Taadaa!

~ Natalie Stein

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One Response to Teddy Cubby and Reading Corner

  1. Rachel says:

    I love how cozy this is. I’m wondering two things: (1) Does the top slide around? and (2) Is it easy to access the toys or do you use it for deeper storage? Very sweet corner.

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