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Published on January 27th, 2016 | by icandycrane


Hackers Help: GODMORGON – Using a custom vanity top with an off-center sink

godmorgon sink cabinet with 4 drawers

Photo: IKEA.com


Does anyone have any advice/warnings about using a custom vanity with an off-center integrated sink on the Godmorgon 47 1/4″ base? I want (NEED) some counter space on one side, but have concerns about the drawers and sink. Will I lose one or two of the four drawers because of the sink dip and/or plumbing bits? Do the drawers go all the way to the back?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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7 Responses to Hackers Help: GODMORGON – Using a custom vanity top with an off-center sink

  1. Heather says:

    Marina, Just curious how you were able to pull off the under mount sink and quartz counters. I was planning on doing this, I’ve seen some pictures where its been done. The plumbing I’m not worried about its more how the sink/stone are attached. We built the cabinet (31 inches), but I’m looking at it wondering how it will hold the weight of the sink and stone. Did you use plywood on the top before attaching the sink? We have a contracting helping us, but I want to be prepared.

  2. Marina says:

    I did it in my master bathroom.
    we used 2 GODMORGON (31″ + 23″) and custom caesarstone top with under top sink.
    The plumbing was tricky, but doable.

    • Majka Krol says:

      Do you have any photos? I would love to use IKEA sink cabinet but I would like to combine it with costume counter-top and under-mount sink. So far everyone says its a bad idea because I wont be able to do the plumbing and if I manage to do it it will take too much space and top drawer will be useless.

  3. Tom says:

    I was lucky enough to have brand new plumbing when locating the Godmorgon 47 1/4″ base in gloss white. I went with dual sinks but the idea is exactly the same as your off center sink preference. Greg E is exactly right as far as the plumbing issues go. Unfortunately you can’t actually buy the IKEA plumbing that goes with their counter/sink top. We had to route the plumbing as far back to the wall as possible as to miss the upper drawers. We are able to close our draws fully with no issues. As the general thread goes…it’s all about the plumbing. Good luck!

  4. Greg E says:

    In my experience with the Godmorgon, you have to make SURE that your plumbing goes as far back to flush against the wall as possible. My existing plumbing didn’t quite fit that bill – I was able to get the drain trap and such flush but the existing copper valves stick out too far and bump into the back of the drawer. The end result being that my drawers don’t really close all the way and I would either need a plumber to cut those pipes shorter or I would have to shorten the the drawers by 1/4″ and rebuild them. Neither of which I have felt like doing at this point, so I just have gotten used to the bad drawer closing for now.

  5. Daniel says:

    Hello. Did you think about a “on top sink”
    Have a look for TÖRNVIKEN.
    We bought this recently together with the Bambus wood plate
    You can place the sink aus off-center aus you want

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