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Published on December 30th, 2015 | by IH guest


Supersized Lack TV bench

I’m not sure if this has been done before, I came up with this idea myself out of necessity and it is so simple I am surprised IKEA have not made this themselves!




The Lack TV bench is totally useless for people with a full sized home theatre receiver, the shelf is too low to fit much of anything and the TV is then also in a low viewing position. I was using the Lack coffee table and Side table placed side-by-side, but it didn’t look very nice. It occurred to me that the dimensions of the Lack series were somehow related, so I did a little research and created this hack.

Supersized LACK TV bench

I used the wheels and side pieces from the Lack Side Table and the top and bottom of the Lack TV Bench. To assemble I just drilled new holes for the dowels and the Ikea type fixings.

~ Jon Lee

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6 Responses to Supersized Lack TV bench

  1. FL Mom says:

    Looks good! It fits your space & equipment well. I hope you included center supports to prevent sagging.

    • Jon Lee says:


      I did think to add a center support but the TV is not very heavy and so far it has not caused any sagging :)

      • FL Mom says:

        Very good. Better safe than sorry so it’ll stay looking nice for a long time. Here’s to extended entertainment! :)

  2. Jamguo says:

    Nice. I think you may just use a laid down Kallax 1×4 shelf to archive the same size.

    • Jon Lee says:

      Yes, that is another option, but it does lack the depth of the Lack series!

      I forgot to mention that the Lack tv table legs could be used instead of the wheels, resulting in a slightly increased overall height. I would have preferred to use the legs but the ones I had where old and the fake wood veneer was peeling off! With the wheels there is not enough room underneath to hide power extensions.

  3. o says:

    Nice. I hate how hard it is to find nice TV furniture that actually fits things like stereo receivers and HTPCs. So much of it either doesn’t have enough depth or doesn’t have enough height…

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