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Published on December 31st, 2015 | by IH guest


IKEA BESTÅ media center is now a washer/dryer pedestal

I needed to raise the washer and dryer so I don’t have to bend over as much to load and unload. The original washer/dryer pedestals cost around $275 each. So why not IKEA hack it for the same price as one pedestal. My laundry room is 74” wide, and I need it to be 36” deep.

I also need more storage for detergent and other related stuff. The IKEA BESTÅ TV unit is the best fit. It’s 70” wide and 15” tall and has room for 3 drawers.

Here is what I used.

A) one BESTÅ TV bench


B) Three Selsviken drawer fronts, drawer frames and drawer runners or your choice of any Besta drawers.


C) 2”x4” lumbers

D) 4’x8’ 3/4 inch thick smooth surface plywood (cut to size)

E) 1.5 inch drywall screws

F) A tube of caulk and gloss paint

G) Three drawer handles


1. Assemble the BESTÅ TV stand and the drawers. Test fit it in the laundry room. In my case, it’s 36” away from the back wall.

Line up the BESTA unit

2. Now build the back support frame with the 2×4 lumbers to fill in the rest of the space behind the Besta TV stand. The height must be the same as the Besta which is around 15”. The BESTÅ has adjustable feet so use your own judgment.

Build the back support

3. Cut the plywood to the same size as the laundry room width. In my case, it’s 74” wide and 36” deep. Screw it down to the 2×4 frame and the BESTÅ stand with drywall screws. I also have a 2” opening on the left and right side because the BESTÅ stand is only 70” wide. I filled them in with the left over plywood. For that, I had to use the nail gun and nail it from the inside of the stand. I also had to cut an opening for the dryer exhaust port, because it was the same height.

plywood cover

4. Patch the all the screw heads with drywall filler.

patch up all screw heads

5. Now paint it and at least two coats. Caulk the area where the plywood meets the wall to hide the gaps.

paint and caulk

6. Install the drawers and handles.

IKEA BESTA washer/dryer pedestal

7. All done. Here is the before and after shot of the laundry room.

IKEA BESTA washer/dryer pedestal

~ Patrick T

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9 Responses to IKEA BESTÅ media center is now a washer/dryer pedestal

  1. Crystal says:

    The bench link goes to Home Depot & not Ikea.

  2. Sammy says:

    I would be worried about the pressed wood. Pressed wood turns to sponge if it gets damp or you happened to have even a small leak.

  3. pondscum says:

    I’m concerned about strength issues, too. A fully-loaded washer is much heavier than the Besta units were designed to support, and the constant vibration will cause the fasteners to come loose or fail. The 2×4′s in the back don’t look adequate to take the load, either.

  4. Joanne says:

    Fantastic job, you’ve done yourself proud it looks like a professional job.

  5. Joerg says:

    Well done. But what about the weight and what Happens of the machine Is on 1600 rounds a Minute? Do habe Any Noise absorbers. This should be a huge Noise Maker. Sorry for my english… I m from Germany.

  6. Andreas Stephan says:

    Great Job !

  7. This looks GREAT, Patrick! My only question is why the dryer is sitting on a pan — I thought those were to catch leaks from the washing machine…?

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